Party Lines Slideshow: Andy Samberg, Prince, Judd Apatow, and More at the Time 100 Gala


At the Time 100 gala, while other reporters were wasting their time with Bill Clinton and Sarah Palin, we got right down to business. Hey, Andy Samberg, tell us how rehearsals for this weekend's Betty White–hosted SNL are going! "Smashingly. She’s phenomenal." We pushed for more: Even though she won't take her clothes off? "I want to point out that we never ask anyone to do nudity. I feel like everyone’s made a big deal about that. The show’s been on for 35, now 36 years — it’s not a pornographic show. It’s a late-night comedy. It’s not Screw magazine." And what of Time listing Rue McClanahan as one of the least influential people of 2010 because Betty White has usurped all the attention? Here, Samberg's pal Seth Meyers had to step in. "I recommend Time go get some Golden Girls DVDs and watch Rue McClanahan take it to school." See celebrities saying more amusing things in our Party Lines slideshow.