Party Lines Slideshow: Ari Graynor, Jesse Eisenberg, Harvey Keitel, and More at the Holy Rollers Premiere


Holy Rollers, a fact-based drama about Hasidic teens moonlighting as ecstasy smugglers directed by Kevin Asch and starring Jesse Eisenberg, had its premiere at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema earlier this week. We asked Ari Graynor, who plays the girlfriend of an Israeli drug dealer, if she ventured into the city's Hasidic-heavy neighborhoods as part of her research. "The closest I got to that was going on a Mitzvah Mobile with Jesse and Kevin near Kevin’s mom’s apartment," she told us. "We had latkes and we prayed and we lit the menorah candles, and that was pretty great. And then I watched a video that Kevin made from his former ecstasy days, and that’s how I got into understanding the world of ecstasy. I didn’t do any E, but I watched Kevin’s old videos of it." See more celebrities talking drugs and religion in our Party Lines slideshow.