Party Lines Slideshow: Julie Bowen, Diane Sawyer, Ryan Murphy, and More at the Peabody Awards


The Peabody Awards handed out their television honors earlier this week at the Waldorf Astoria, and the folks of ABC's rookie hit Modern Family turned out in full force. It gave us a great opportunity to ask something we've long been wondering: Hey, Julie Bowen, why are you not on Twitter?! She leaned in close and spilled the beans: "I was on Twitter. It did not go well for me. It turns out I’m very thin-skinned. I made a comment on a talk show that was widely misinterpreted about me not getting along with Sofia [Vergara] and the Twittersphere came down on me like a hailstorm. I was so upset because I love, I really love Sofia. She’s not only a fantastic actress, she’s a fantastic person. Of course I called her right away and she was like [puts on thick Spanish accent], ‘No, please! It’s fine.’ She didn’t care! And it was like if you’re fine and I’m fine, why are all these people mad? So that was a good lesson for me. It turns out I’m much more sensitive a person than I thought I was." See more celebrity quotes in our Party Lines slideshow.