Party Lines Slideshow: Kelsey Grammer, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Denzel Washington, and More at the Tony Nominess Press Reception


A day after the Tony Nominations were announced, the honorees gathered at the Millennium Broadway Hotel to talk awards and exchange pleasantries. We did manage to get La Cage aux Folles star Kelsey Grammer, however, to enthusiastically defend himself for taking a job from hardworking theater-lifer types. "In this case, I have the luxury of being an asset for a Broadway production because, honestly, recognition, things like that, are factors that are taken into consideration when you put a business model together. One hand washes the other. It’s a business venture; it’s creative, but it needs to make money to exist, to thrive. Honestly, I love that in our country, at least, [there is] a component that says you better be able to fund it. You better be able to get people in the seats because it’s exciting, it captures your imagination, it celebrates the human experience — whatever that reason is, making money out of it is okay." See more celebrity quotes, plus an inexplicably hilarious photo of Christopher Walken, in our Party Lines slideshow.