Party Lines Slideshow: Val Kilmer, Kristen Wiig, Lorne Michaels, and More at a Special Screening of MacGruber


All the Saturday Night Live heavyweights turned out to celebrate MacGruber and their pal Will Forte's big moment at a special screening at the Sunshine Landmark Cinema earlier this week. Also on hand was the movie's villain, Val Kilmer, who revealed a little something about Forte. "Will, if you can get him to stop talking about his mom, is a very fine comedian." Uh, he talks about his mom all the time? "All the time. She’s his date tonight. Ask him, 'Say how’s your mom?' and you’ll have to shut him up. It’s a little … it starts to make you a little queasy after a while." Well, that was weird! Check out more celebrity quotes in our Party Lines slideshow.