Party Lines Slideshow: Rob Thomas, Mary J. Blige, Christopher Meloni, and More at the Sloan-Kettering Spring Ball


At Sloan-Kettering's Spring Ball, held at the Pierre last week, we asked Rob Thomas if he'd ever consider doing a reality-TV show with his model wife, Marisol. Turns out, we weren't the first. "It's been pitched to us so many times. Like, can you imagine how horrible that would be? A camera following you around all the time?" But have any of the pitches been convincing? " It's just the idea because she's a model, I'm a musician; it's all pretty standard fare, but it just sounds horrible, I think. We don't really watch reality shows so I can't imagine being a part of one." Sorry, people interested in Rob Thomas's personal life! Also, for more celebrity quotes, click through our Party Lines slideshow.