Party Lines Slideshow: Ryan Hansen, J.J. Abrams, Chevy Chase, and More at NBC Upfronts


Since we've already selfishly gotten Ken Marino and Lizzy Caplan to commit to a third season of Party Down, we tried to do the same with Ryan Hansen at NBC's upfront presentation. It didn't really work! "[Party Down hasn't] officially gotten a third season yet, " said Hansen, who is now booked on NBC's Friends With Benefits. "I think if they do, they work that out later. I still have hope. I don’t know. It would be heartbreaking not to be a part of it in some form or another, because I know Adam [Scott] can do a bunch of them even though he’s part of Parks and Rec. I should probably talk to my agent. Shit, where is he?" See more stars from the NBC galaxy in our Party Lines slideshow.