Party Lines Slideshow: Zoe Saldana, Mick Jagger, M.I.A., and More at the Met Costume Institute Gala


Earlier this week, pretty much every famous person alive showed up to the Met Costume Institute Gala — all decked out, of course, in fancy eveningwear. How were they handling the humidity underneath all those complicated getups? Zoe Saldana, for one, embraced it: "I love it. I’m from Queens: Trust me, this is, to me—it’s like coming home. I can’t deal with the whole dry weather in L.A. I cannot. It’s insane—hair breaks, the skin cracks. It’s insane. This is amazing. We’re nice and dewy, you know." No word, unfortunately, on how Saldana enjoyed the climate on Pandora. For more celebrities talking weather, check out our Party Lines slideshow.