The Ten Grossest Murders of the TV Season


On most TV dramas, death is something to be saved for sweeps or season finales: a jarring event that makes viewers ponder the fragility of life, how much these characters mean to all of us, and the importance of haunting, acoustic reworkings of classic songs. But not in the world of crime-procedural shows. There, death happens every single week. Sometimes those deaths are standard-issue stabbings, shootings, and poisonings. Sometimes they are very brutal stabbings, shootings, and axings. Sometimes they are played for laughs (note the dead raccoon on the dead man's face at right), and sometimes they are played to make you sick to your stomach (see the "enucleating" episode of Criminal Minds — slide No. 7). We sorted through the hundreds of murders committed on this season's CSIs, NCISs, Law & Orders, and franchiseless procedurals to provide you with this slideshow of the ten most memorable and gruesome murders of the 2009–10 season, plus one bonus non-murder/ horrifying sex crime. Be warned, those reading while snacking at their desks: When we say gruesome, we mean gruesome.