Producer Joel Silver Sues Goldman Sachs for $30 Million


Joel Silver, on point with what’s trendy nowadays, is taking on Goldman Sachs. The producer sued the investment bank for breach of contract and fraud, claiming he’s owed more than $30 million “from a series of financial arrangements related to films that were produced by his Dark Castle production company.” Silver, who was behind Die Hard, The Matrix, and Sherlock Holmes, says Goldman provided both oral and written agreements that he would be paid $30 million in exchange for a share of the revenues from movies under his Dark Castle banner.

And Silver clearly knows to make the most of his Goldman lawsuit moment, taking a bold, if predictable, shot at their notoriously large bonuses: "Goldman was able to make profits in the billions and to pay its own executives bonuses in the billions, while claiming that it could not arrange for the $30 million owed to the Silver Parties," the lawsuit claims.

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