R. Kelly Classes Up the World Cup


If it was at all odd that R. Kelly continued to churn out hilarious sex songs with varying levels of intentional comedy throughout his long legal troubles, it wasn’t because most people would try to distance themselves from a ribald public persona while being charged with fourteen counts of child pornography: Of course R. Kelly kept making hilarious sex songs with varying levels of intentional comedy — it is what R. Kelly does. No, if it was odd, it was because R. Kelly could have also been churning out hilarious inspirational ballads with no amount of intentional comedy, his secondary specialty, and a more palatable option as far as a cleaned-up public image goes. All of which is a long-winded way of pointing your attention to Kellz' new jam, “Sign of a Victory,” an epic collaboration with the Soweto Spiritual Singers that is one of the three official anthems of the 2010 World Cup (they’ll perform it together at the June 11 kickoff ceremony, and all proceeds will go to African charities). This is definitely our favorite part: “We believe we can achieve anything/including the impossible.” High-school seniors still looking for a yearbook quote — you are welcome.

Hear "Sign of a Victory"