Rihanna’s New ‘Te Amo’ Video Basically Lost Footage for ‘I Kissed a Girl’ Video


Earlier this week, Rihanna taught us how to rock in the "Rock Star 101" video. Today, Rihanna teaches us how to almost make out with models! The European video for "Te Amo" has surfaced, and it's an entirely different beast than the North American video for the same song, which has been kicking around since last year. Whereas American audiences got to watch Rihanna dance provocatively, if a bit robotically, in black and white, Europeans get to watch her nuzzle up to Laetitia Casta in front of a roaring fire in a really big castle. (Another reminder that Lady Gaga did not invent the use of fire or bisexuality in her music videos.) We will leave it to you to decide which continent got the better deal.