Five Other Movie Heroes Russell Crowe Must Suck the Fun Out of With Gladiator-Style Prequels


Until this week, Robin Hood was a legend in crisis, prancing around Sherwood Forest to Bryan Adams songs in a century's worth of silly, superficial movies. Like Russell Crowe said at Cannes yesterday, "There wasn't a [previous] Robin Hood which gave me a satisfactory feeling that I knew his motivation or backstory." Thank goodness, then, for his and Ridley Scott's new version — a gritty, humorless, Batman Begins–style reboot, made in the mold of their Gladiator, that dispenses with all of the unnecessary fun of earlier Robin Hood films and gives the character a new, completely made-up backstory (spoiler: He fights to avenge the deaths of both his father and adoptive father-in-law). So now that they've successfully rehabilitated one done-to-death movie hero, which other ones should they do next?