Cannes: Russell Crowe Downplays Robin Hood’s Tea-Bagging in Favor of Press-Bashing


Even though Robin Hood's no-taxation, anti-government philosophy is similar to that of a certain emerging political party, Russell Crowe will have you know that his Robin Hood is no tea-bagger. This morning the inimitable actor gave a delightful press conference at Cannes where his Robin Hood is opening the festival. When asked what Robin Hood would fight against in a modern setting, TGAITW wondered aloud: "[Would his] aim be political? Would it be economic? Or would he look at what you guys are doing?" he asked reporters. Luckily, Crowe had a theory: "My theory is that if Robin Hood was alive today he'd be looking at the monopolization of media [as a villain]." Does this guy know how to charm the press, or what? Also, he took the opportunity to crap again on previous Robin Hood films: "There wasn't a [previous] Robin Hood which game me a satisfactory feeling that I knew his motivation or backstory ... Whatever you think you know about Robin Hood is a previously understandable mistake." It's a good thing Kevin Costner no longer has his bow and arrows.

Cannes 2010: Russell Crowe wants us to look at the serious side of Robin Hood [24 Frames/LAT]