Shakira Video Snubs Redhead Who Got Shot in the Head in M.I.A. Video


Remember when Ian Hamrick, the redheaded child actor who gets tortured and shot by the police in M.I.A.’s graphic, banned from YouTube video for “Born Free,” said he was really “proud to be a part of M.I.A.’s shout-out to the world” because “it was a great chance to tell everyone that bully’s [sic] suck no matter what country you are from”? Well, he needs to have some words with the bully’s [sic] editing Shakira’s music videos! Apparently, Hamrick was supposed to be featured (alongside Fozzie Bear) in the video for Shakira’s “Waka Waka,” the official song of the 2010 World Cup. Now he will only appear in a crowd scene. Welcome to show biz, kid: Once you get typecast as the brutally murdered type, people have a hard time seeing you as anything else.

M.I.A. Video Kid — Blown Off By Shakira [TMZ]