Saturday Night Live: The Best Sketch From Every Episode This Season


That's it, folks: The 35th season of Saturday Night Live has come to an end. It was an uneven season, or as SNL-haters will claim, "the worst ever," but for all of the lows (hello, January Jones!) there were some pretty fantastic highs (hello, Jon Hamm!). Here we focus on the highs, the moments when SNL did what it was supposed to do, and made the audience laugh. Our format — the best sketch from each episode — means that some exceptional material was left out (sorry, Closet Organizer) and some less-than-good material made the cut (hello again, January Jones!). Still, there’s no more pleasant way to get a sense of how exactly this season went than a survey of the highs. And for the most part, these are the sketches that Jean K. Jean would call "in-croy-ab-lay." "Zut alors!"