Now Watch Grey's Anatomy in Spanish!


At the end of April, a Spanish language adaptation of Grey's Anatomy, A Corazon Abierto (An Open Heart), overseen by the producers of the Ur-Ugly Betty,Yo Soy Betty La Fea, premiered in Colombia. Half of the country watched. Unsurprising then, that Telemundo will now be bringing 80 episodes of the telenovela to American audiences starting Monday. Those who have spent the past four years waiting for Grey's to return to the good form of its second season—and, er, those who have not—can now watch Spanish versions of McDreamy (a surgeon named Andres Guerra) and Meredith (an intern named Maria Alejandra Rivas Cavalier!) getting romantical for the very first time, again. Also working for A Corazon Abierto: Izzie will not have started banging ghosts yet.

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