Super 8 Viral-Marketing Campaign Finally Arrives


J.J. Abrams's seventies Spielberg homage Super 8 won't be in theaters until next summer — but the movie already has an elaborate viral-marketing campaign that reveals almost nothing about the final product now! Last night, a bootleg version of the trailer made its way to YouTube. The genius nerds over at the Unfiction Forums discovered that, in it, a message flashes briefly across the screen — "Scariest Thing I Ever Saw" — leading them to this website. On that site, a fake computer terminal opens, and if you press "Y" a certain number of times, a countdown clock appears, implying that something more will be revealed next Friday, May 15, at noon (our guess: It'll be something totally non-crucial!). This is just like the viral alternate-reality games Spielberg used to market his classic seventies movies with.

Scariest Thing I Ever Saw [Super 8 News via Cinematical]