Taylor Swift Surprised to Hear About How Surprised She Always Seems


Not long ago, we observed that if there's one thing Taylor Swift is better at than winning awards, it is acting surprised when they’re announced. She wasn’t presented with an award at the Time 100 gala last night, but we'd like to believe Swift saved her best surprised expression for when we told her she should come up with new ways to look surprised. “That's so funny!” she said, laughing heartily (and looking flabbergasted). “When I win awards, I’m surprised. You can’t go into awards just thinking you’re going to win, because then, regardless of what happens, you’d be disappointed, you know? Or, like, you know, I would rather just be excitable, and I can’t really help being excitable, because this is who I am.” Seconds later, a woman came up and said she'd seen Swift play an event in Hawaii, and asked if she remembered? “Hawaii?! Of course I remember,” said Swift, delighted and seemingly surprised all over again. Then she gave the woman a big hug.