The Adjustment Bureau Trailer: Fedoras for Everyone


We really love us some John Slattery, but does he have a "must look like my Mad Men character" clause written into all his contracts? He showed up in Iron Man 2 as Tony Stark's old-school dad, and now he'll appear in The Adjustment Bureau, an adaptation of a Philip K. Dick story, as a fedora-wearing, all-powerful member of said bureau — dedicated to making sure people stay on their preordained paths, ones all mapped out in architectural-drawing detail — doing his darnedest to keep Matt Damon's wannabe Senator and Emily Blunt's ballerina from finding happiness. Damon, of course, is not having any of this, having fallen in love with Blunt's awesome legs and her ability to run fast in high heels. He takes her on the lam, while wearing a fedora all his own, suggesting fedoras will prove to be an important plot point, not just snazzy dressing.