The Bachelorette Meets Shooter, the Man With the Saddest Nickname Backstory Ever


On last night's premiere of The Bachelorette, former Facebook-er Ali Fedotowsky met the pool of men from which she would choose her future husband (or boyfriend, or fiancé, or person with whom she'd appear on the cover of People). In a group of 25 able-bodied guys, the contestants tried to distinguish themselves immediately — one guy did a flip off a car, one salsa danced, another ripped off his shirt to reveal another shirt underneath (surprise!). And then came a seemingly normal construction engineer named Derrick, who decided to share with Ali (and the world) the meaning behind his college nickname, Shooter. Can you guess how he got it? Hint: It has nothing to do with his marksmanship.

There's always one contestant each season, who, in trying to make a lasting first impression, ends up saying or doing something wildly inappropriate and embarrassing. Remember Channy, who whispered sweet Cambodian nothings into Bachelor Jake's ear, only to reveal that she'd been talking dirty to him about her landing strip? Poor Shooter was only trying to get Ali's attention for a few minutes, but in doing so, changed the course of his life forever (or at least his future ability to hit on girls in bars). "I might, like, have prematurely ... in college freshman year ... accidentally ... and that's maybe how ... maybe," he says to a shocked Ali, explaining the origin of his frat-house pet name. "I can't even tell you how much I want a rose! I can't believe I told her! I hope she thinks it's funny and not weird," he later says to the camera. Sadly and predictably, at the end of the night, Scooter didn't get a rose from Ali; turns out it was not funny and weird.