The Donald’s Latest Target on The Celebrity Apprentice: Potty Humor


Donald Trump is notorious for his random, capricious, and absurd reasons for firing people on Celebrity Apprentice. But on last night's episode, he took his boardroom logic to a new level of absurdity. Apparently, Trump will tolerate many things in his organization, but he will not brook any potty talk. In the boardroom, he asked each player about the others' weaknesses — standard procedure — but when former "WWE Diva" Maria Kanellis responded to celebrity chef Curtis Stone's suggestion that she should be the one to go, things started to get weird. "You came into our dressing room, and you took a crap, and left a stench in the room, so that was the whole purpose of why I was upset," she said, complete with hand motions. Stone did not look amused.

"That's pretty tough," responded Trump, though he looked on the verge of laughter (the other contestants couldn't hold back; Sharon Osborne was doubled over in hysterics). A red-faced Stone then turned the story around on Kanellis. "That's a good depiction of [her] character, that's below the belt," he responded indignantly. Trump seemed to consider this. "That's sort of gross, though, bringing that up. That's, like, disgusting. This is my boardroom, not a locker room. Maria, you're fired," he decreed. Trump may have felt sullied after it was all over, but perhaps it gave him an idea for a new chapter in his next rules-of-business book