The Jane Austen Characters Jay McInerney Crushes on Hardest


In today’s Telegraph, Jay McInerney has an essay on Jane Austen’s heroines and his feelings for each. “I can’t help finding my own response to the novels colored by the degree to which I find the heroines attractive, although over the course of some 30 years of reading and rereading, I find my admiration shifting among the young ladies,” writes the “novelist and ladies' man.” Despite McInerney’s mutable tastes, his Austen crush list can nevertheless be deduced. (It should be noted that he ignores Sense and Sensibility, so neither Elinor nor Marianne Dashwood made the cut.) It goes:

1. Elizabeth Bennet (tie)

1. Emma Woodhouse (tie)

3. Fanny Price

4. Anne Elliot

5. Catherine Morland

Now you know.

Beautiful Minds: Jane Austen's Heroines [Telegraph UK]