The Pete Rock–Yo La Tengo Remix You’ve Been Waiting For Is Here


Yo La Tengo is following up last year’s Popular Songs with a remix EP featuring De La Soul, RJD2, and Pete Rock tackling Songs’ “Here to Fall,” and Rock’s version is now available. It’s really great! Drastically tightening up the original’s loosey-goosey structure, Rock comes out the other side with something heavier, eerier, and more foreboding, but still familiar; it’s the hardest Yo La Tengo has ever sounded. Quick question, though: Are we sure Pete Rock knows who Yo La Tengo is? We’ve run through the terminally chill opening verse a few times, and it sure sounds like Rock’s saying “We on point like Uncle Sam, son/peep the remix, Yo La Tengo is the man, dun.” Assumably hearing Pete Rock’s awesome remix was enough for all three members of Yo La Tengo to let the whole “confusing our band for a person” thing go.

Download "Here to Fall" (Pete Rock Remix) at