Who Will Buy Casey Affleck’s Joaquin Phoenix Rap Documentary?


Not only is Casey Affleck's mockumentary on Joaquin Phoenix's pretend rap career a real thing, it is apparently being screened for actual ostensibly interested buyers, says Deadline's Mike Fleming. Harvey Weinstein is reportedly among those who have seen it, all distributors were sworn to secrecy, and Fleming claims "it may only take a couple of days to reach a deal." Contents of the film — in which we will learn the secret of why Joaquin grew a beard, fell off a stage, and chewed gum on Letterman — are being carefully guarded for as long as possible in the interest of "maximum shock value." So maybe there's more to this stunt than just Phoenix thinking he's Andy Kaufman? We kinda doubt it, though.

Buyers See Joaquin Phoenix Mockumentary [Deadline]