Young Jeezy Is Feeling a Bit Under the Weather


Has it been way too long since you heard hip-hop’s deathless “cannon” sample dropped all over a song you were attempting to enjoy? Good news! The latest must-have Don Cannon mixtape — Young Jeezy’s Trap or Die II: By Any Means Necessary — was released this week. That’s right, we said "young": Despite some big talk from earlier this year about dropping his prefix, Jeezy’s apparently still a two-word name kind of guy. For further proof, check out Trap highlight “Ill’in,” featuring the seemingly innocuous line “Young the type to boast / Young the type to brag.” Bragging about how much you brag, though? New heights. Then Clipse, the only two guys on the planet who talk about that Lindsay Lohan more than the Snowman, show up to really make things interesting. Crack! Right off the bat: “It was the coldest winter ever, middle of the summer months / powder to my waist, see my cocaine cummerbund.” It’s all part of the buildup for June 22’s release of Jeezy’s proper new album, Thug Motivation 103 — although it doesn’t have an awesome subtitle yet, you have to assume one’s coming.

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