$#*! My Dad Says Trailer: Shatner Banters


Are you hesitantly excited about $#*! My Dad Says, CBS’s adaptation of Justin Halpern’s awesome Twitter of the same (pre-censorship) name starring William Shatner as a snappy curmudgeon? You should probably not be! While we generally hate to rush to judgment, it's sort of unavoidable: The show’s new trailer does just a remarkable job of making this seem like a terrible mistake. There’s a cornucopia of options when it comes to complaints to lodge, so we’ll stick to the big one: Apparently, the writers have opted not to use cleaned up versions of the hilarious shit Halpern’s dad actually says as material for zingers and plotlines in favor of writing all new, generally unfunny material. (This is the best line from the trailer: “Son, sit down, the house is clean enough … we didn’t accidentally kill a hooker, we had dinner.”) Then again, CBS did just get to break the “first network to promote a show by using the phrase 'based on the Twitter sensation'” barrier, so maybe it was all worth it.