ABC Is Going to Rename Cougar Town Even If It Has to Invent a Word to Do So


Bill Lawrence, the creator and show-runner of ABC's Cougar Town, has been on the record about wanting to change the show's misleading title. (It's not about cougars, it's about friends!) Now ABC is reportedly market-testing possible alternatives. They vary from sounding a lot like star Courtney Cox's other, very famous television show, to the sensible, to the plain old batty. The options are: Friends and Family, Friends and Neighbors, The End of the Street, The Neighborhood, The Cul de Sac Neighborhood, and, wait for it, Jules Neighborhooding. We are rooting for the final option (though the Cul de Sac Neighborhood is not normal at all!), because we would look forward to writing a post in exactly a year about how Jules Neighborhooding is looking for a new title, yet again. [E! via Movieline]