And Now, the Inevitable Footage of Lil Wayne Rapping Over the Phone From Rikers


Well, yes, inevitable — but not any less appreciated: While it's unfortunate that dudes rapping over the phone from jail is an actual hip-hop tradition, it's still dependably unintentionally funny-slash-respectfully intense when it does happen. Here we have a clip from Drake's Ustream session, during which someone got Weezy on the horn to drop a verse over Drake's Jay-Z collaboration, "Light Up." Earlier this week, Drake told the story behind the session to Fuse: "[Wayne] had heard the song I did with Jay-Z on the radio, and Mack, the CEO of Young Money, he was joking with Wayne, like, 'You couldn't even hang with them on that song, even if you were here.' And he was like, 'What?! All right, tomorrow. Just be ready to record you when I call.'" Aw, you guys, he wants to be included! Drake also called the verse "one of the most incredible Lil Wayne verses I've ever heard," and while we wish we could concur, the audio quality is a little too rough here to catch all the clever things Weezy is surely saying. You can clearly hear him comparing himself to Nelson Mandela and Alexander Graham Bell, though. Also great: "Feeling like Elvis, 'Jailhouse Rock'/I’m not Tupac, I’m the new 'Pac/behind bars but the bars don't stop/recording over the phone, I hope the call don't drop." Keep it coming!