Best Coast Wants to Be More Than Friends


With anticipation swelling for Crazy for You, the debut album from Best Coast — a.k.a. Bethany Cosentino, a.k.a. the SXSW break-out act Vulture told you about all the way back in March — the album’s opening track, “Boyfriend,” has been released. So, is it as good as the kooky picture of a cat having a day at the beach that Cosentino is using for the album cover? Pretty much, yeah! A restrained, quick burner, it finds Best Coast pining away for a guy who is “just a friend” and who she hopes is “at home waiting for his phone” and maybe doesn’t even know that she “wants him,” which is too bad because she’d “love him to the very end” and would be much better for him than the “prettier and skinnier” girl with a “college degree” who’s currently vying for his affection. It’s all very sweet/depressing! Feel free to ignore the lyrics, though, and just rock to the latest contender for indie SOTS. Also, The-Dream: Got any relationship advice for Bethany?

[Via Stereogum]

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