Big Bang Theory Cast Asks for Huge, Completely Reasonable Raise


Did you know that stars Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, and Jim Parsons are currently paid only a measly $65,000 per episode of their hit show The Big Bang Theory, even though it pulls huge ratings, earns CBS and Warner Bros. tons of money, and is nearing its hundredth episode, meaning a presumably enormous deal for syndication rights? Since this is a total outrage, the trio is asking for a completely justified 285 percent raise, which would bring their salaries to $250,000 per episode, approximately one fifth of what Two and a Half Men's Charlie Sheen earns, or exactly what Men's Angus T. Jones does. Galecki, Cuoco, and Parsons are still under contract for more seasons whether WB pays up or not, but nobody wants to see these kids starve to death, so we assume their totally reasonable request will be granted.

Big Bang Theory Stars Want A 285% Raise [Biz Blog/Forbes]