Bill Murray Will Neither Confirm Nor Deny That Myth About Him Whispering Into a Man’s Ear in Union Square


Accompanying a photo shoot in which he lays down in a hotel bed with a plastic bag over his head next to a bowl of Froot Loops, Bill Murray caught up with BlackBook magazine and, as per usual, he's quirky and mysterious. There's this little nugget, in which Murray admits he doesn't recognize today's celebrities:

"Murray was dining at a restaurant in Brooklyn, where he can often be found blending in with the locals. Josh Hartnett, an actor he couldn’t quite place, approached him. 'This guy shakes my hand and says, 'You worked on Lost in Translation with my [then] girlfriend. Was she as much trouble for you as she was for me?' But Scarlett [Johansson] was 17 when I worked with her, so no, she wasn’t,' he says. 'I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I don’t know who the fuck anyone is. I go through US Weekly, and it’s filled with reality stars I’ve never heard of. I don’t recognize anyone. People? Forget it."

The reporter manages to ask Murray, who will next be seen in Get Low, about that ever-circling myth in which, walking through Union Square, Murray allegedly cupped a man's eyes from behind and, when the man turned around and realized it was in fact Bill Murray doing this, the actor said, "No one will ever believe you." But Murray wants to keep his mystique alive:

"When asked whether or not this exchange took place, his expression turns to mock-disgust. 'You’re out of line! Even to imply something like that … ' And then, just before exiting the room, he turns back and says, 'Besides, if it did, who would ever believe him?'"

'Bill Murray: The Man Who Knew Too Much' [BlackBook]