Broken Social Scene Made a Movie


Well, technically Canadian filmmaker Bruce McDonald (Pontypool, The Tracey Fragments) made a movie, but seeing as This Movie Is Broken — a partially scripted concert film out June 25 — weaves a story line around a BSS performance, we’re going to go ahead and give those guys some credit as well. The trailer’s now out, and sheds some light on how exactly a “partially scripted concert film works”: The main thrust of the plot is a guy, pining after a girl that’s not going to be sticking around town for very long, making his big move, with the climactic stuff apparently going down at a BSS show (“one love … one night … one show,” the title cards helpfully explain.) And if that sounds annoying, feel free to zone out during all the lovey-dovey stuff in the trailer until the rock show comes on.

Broken Social Scene Release Trailer for 'This Movie Is Broken' [Spinner]