Chris Rock Asks Jay Leno About ‘the Redhead Guy’


The Hollywood Reporter just organized a roundtable interview of comedy actors, in which Ted Danson, Ty Burrell, Aziz Ansari, and Neil Patrick Harris, among others, were asked "Who is the funniest man alive?" Danson answered first, with, "Chris Rock. He cuts real close to the bone. The scary stuff. The stuff that you shouldn't be able to say, but somehow he can." As if to prove that this is true, Chris Rock went on The Tonight Show last night and nicely asked about Conan, something we wish more people would do. "Last time I was here, you weren't here. Some redhead guy said you'd be right back," Rock ribbed Leno. "I don’t think he said that," Leno replied, looking a little uncomfortable. "Did the redhead guy take Kevin?" Rock asked about Leno's former bandleader Kevin Eubanks, while Leno struggled mightily to seem at ease. "You done fired Kevin and got a cheaper brother to take his place. I've seen Ricky before. He costs a little less than Kevin." Leno recovered by asking Rock about his daughters, and then left it to Snooki to sass Rock, and his lack of "fist-pumping" knowledge, on Leno's behalf.