Conan’s Former Announcer Disses Him to a Puppet


Joel Godard, who was the announcer for Late Night With Conan O'Brien for its entire run, but did not make the move with Conan to The Tonight Show, tells a puppet (really, he's being interviewed by a puppet) that this wasn't by choice. He wanted to keep working, indefinitely, but Conan wanted Andy Richter, even though Godard "didn’t think announcing was his strong point ... They said that the network didn’t want to pay for both of us. I think that’s what they said. If Conan had really wanted me, he would have said, 'Look, I want him.' Conan was the golden boy, the million-dollar baby. If he said, ‘By God, I want Joel Godard, I need to have him,’ I think they would have done that. And I think they should have.” Nothing like spouting sour grapes to a puppet; they eat those right up. [TV Tattle/YouTube]