Conviction Trailer: Manipulating Your Need for Kleenex


Hilary Swank would like a third Oscar nomination, please. At least, this is the sense one gets from the trailer for Conviction, a legal drama based on an uplifting true story a lot like Erin Brockovich and North Country, in which a woman defies the odds to see justice served. Betty Anne Waters, played by Swank, is a high-school dropout who puts herself through law school in order to overturn her brother Kenneth’s murder conviction. It has a great cast, including Melissa Leo, Juliette Lewis, and Sam Rockwell as the brother (plus Minnie Driver, doing a Boston accent that may compare with Julianne Moore’s), and is totally tear-jerking despite being predictable in just about every way. Far more tear-jerking than this trailer, however, is the real life ending of this story (but, we suspect, not the movie): Seven months after being released from prison, having served eighteen years, Kenneth Waters died when he fell off a “fifteen-foot wall while taking a shortcut to his brother's house after a dinner with his mother.” Pass the Kleenex, please.