Danny Boyle to Maybe Direct the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony


Even though it'll probably be easy to top February's sad, glitch-plagued Winter Olympics opening ceremony in Vancouver, organizers of London's upcoming Summer Olympics are bringing in the big guns anyway, allegedly. Though a final decision won't be made until later this summer, according to the Times of London, Danny Boyle, helmer of Slumdog Millionaire and Trainspotting, is the "preferred candidate" to direct the opening of the 2012 games. When asked to comment, Boyle said, "I can't say any more. It would be lovely, wouldn't it?" Sources close to the planning tell the Times, "Nothing has been signed yet, but we do fully expect him to do it" and that they think Boyle could deliver "the most imaginative ceremony the world has ever seen." If that means dousing mascots Wenlock and Mandeville in poo and having them chase dead babies around Wembley Stadium, then so be it. [Times UK]