Deadliest Catch’s Deceased Star Really Wanted His Death Filmed for Reality TV


Captain Phil Harris, the star of Discovery’s Deadliest Catch, died this past February, two weeks after having a stroke onboard his ship. Starting tonight, and for the next three episodes, Deadliest Catch will chronicle his death. In the Times today, the show’s producers, as well as Harris’s son, explain that the episodes are tastefully done, and that Harris would have approved. As evidence they share this very hard-core story: “Several days after the stroke, when Captain Harris awoke from a medically induced coma and was still unable to speak, he wrote a note to [cameraman and friend] Mr. Stanley that doubled as approval for the producers to stay at the hospital. 'Keep filming,' the note said, according to Mr. Stanley and Josh Harris. 'There has to be an end to this story.'” You do what the guy who cannot speak and just came out of a coma wants. [NYT]