Emmy Voters Now Being Wooed at Bloomingdale’s


It's common knowledge that the best thing about The Office is the clothes. Wait, what? That's not true? Okay, fine, but the clothes are definitely the best thing about Law & Order: SVU. People really tune in each week to see the distressed, blood-spattered outfit of the week. Wrong again?! Huh, then we don't understand NBC's new campaign to entice Emmy voters, and random shoppers, with mannequin displays inspired by shows like 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, Law & Order: SVU, Parenthood, and The Office, now up at three Los Angeles–area Bloomingdale's. (According to Deadlinem the Parks and Rec display shows a "worker in a hard hat planting a tree while two colleagues sit on a park bench.") This sounds less like an effective way to get Emmy votes, and more like an effective way for Bloomingdale's to showcase cheap suits. [Deadline]