Flipped Trailer: A Big Dose of Nostalgia


You know what you didn’t know you'd been missing? Movies about first love set in the fifties! But Rob Reiner knew — or, perhaps, after a string of duds (Alex & Emma, sort-of–The Graduate sequel Rumor Has It, and old-men-on-the-verge-of-death buddy comedy The Bucket List), the director decided it would be easier to return to form with a movie set in the same period as his classic fifties coming-of-age tale Stand by Me. In either event, Flipped tells the tale of young Bryce, a teenager who realizes he's in love with the girl next door that he always thought he hated. Awwww. The whole thing is extremely familiar, down to the very Wonder Years–ish voice-over (why must nostalgia always come with a play by play?). It's also very sweet. Certainly, a vast improvement on The Bucket List.