Guided by Voices Are Reuniting!


Well, that was quick: Roughly half a decade since playing their epic "last show" on New Year's Eve 2004 at the Metro in Chicago, Guided by Voices is reuniting, at least for one night, at Matador's huge 21st-anniversary party. So, if you feel bad you never got to drink beers while Robert Pollard did leg kicks, get yourself to Las Vegas in October, when this three-day mini-festival will be going down with GBV's "classic '93-'96 lineup." Also on the bill: Sonic Youth, Belle & Sebastian, Spoon, Yo La Tengo, Cat Power, Fucked Up, the New Pornographers, Girls, Harlem, Kurt Vile, and Pavement, whose recent reunion now just seems kind of unexciting by comparison. [Matablog via Pitchfork]