Gulliver’s Travels Trailer Brimming With Jack Black, Short on Laughs


If you own School of Rock on DVD or saw Night at the Museum 2 the weekend it opened, you’ll probably think this first trailer for the 3-D holiday comedy Gulliver’s Travels looks totally awesome. For everyone else, though, uhhh ... not so much. This modern-day adaptation of the classic 1726 Jonathan Swift story features Jack Black as a Gulliver who digs Star Wars, loves to write, and pines after Amanda Peet (who, because this is a Jack Black movie, seems to reciprocate his feelings). The shots we get of Lilliput (where, presumably, most of the movie will take place) feature glimpses of Jason Segel and Emily Blunt (who — though she doesn’t say a word — seems like she’s spliced in from a different, far superior movie), as well as a lot of Giant Jack Black, in scenarios that look to be awfully broad and slapstick. This all being said, if the thought of Giant Jack Black doing cartwheels and fist-bumping tiny humans has you in stitches, then December 22 will probably be your happiest day since Year One came out.