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Gun Trailer: Written by Curtis ‘50 Cent’ Jackson ...

The trailer for Gun, one of three upcoming movies 50 Cent has written himself — and, no, not the one he lost all the weight for, although we can't wait to see that one also — was blessedly unleashed onto the world this weekend. Well, "blessedly" if you're into seeing footage from B-movies inexplicably written by misguidedly ambitious famous rappers, and not so much if you're Val Kilmer, James Remar, John Larroquette, or 90210's AnnaLynne McCord, all of whom are assumably busy right now explaining to their friends and loved ones why they are in a movie 50 Cent wrote. But, yeah, otherwise, this is great! 50 plays a weapons dealer, Kilmer an ex-con working undercover for the cops forced to infiltrate 50's crew, and McCord the love interest highly active in the sex scenes 50 wrote for himself. That's all surprisingly coherent, right? Add to that the part where 50 intimidates a guy by dropping a bullet in his drink and promising that "the next one ain't coming out my hand," and you've got a winner.