Harry Potter Trailer Out-Twilights Twilight


Last night at the MTV Movie Awards, a new trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part I) popped up in between all the Twilight love, Sandra Bullock love, and light-up panties love. Sure, the trailer doesn't contain vampires or werewolves, but, like Twilight, it boasts teen-love angst (an awkward-looking Harry-Ginny kiss), dude fights (Ron levels a low blow at Harry: "You don't know how this feels. Your parents are dead, you have no family!"), and increasingly furry eyebrows (Daniel Radcliffe), plus a much creepier soundtrack, villain, and overall sense of foreboding. All in all, the seventh installment of the franchise looks so promising, we will try not to get annoyed in advance about how it's going to end at some cliff-hanging midpoint that will force us to wait for the eighth and final film.