13 Incestuous Couples: Who Has Good Chemistry?


Over the weekend we had a chance to see Cyrus, which stars Marisa Tomei as a single mother and Jonah Hill as her inappropriately attached adult son, Cyrus. While these two don’t break any laws, either of government or of nature, their relationship is a little more intense than the typical mother-son bond: Cyrus creepily surprises her and her new boyfriend (John C. Reilly) while they make out, and walks into the bathroom while his mom takes showers. Of course, if they had taken it to the next level it wouldn't come as much of a surprise: Engaging in the most taboo kind of love in entertainment is as old as Oedipus (fifth century B.C.!), and only occasionally as traumatic. So, in the name of love and family, and those rare moments when the two intersect, we take a look at some of the most memorable instances of fictitious incest, from the smoldering to the totally sick.