J.J. Abrams’s New TV Show Will Be Faster Than the Speed of Light


Italian Website Il Post has the first twenty pages of the script for NBC's new J.J. Abrams–produced married-spies drama, Undercovers. The leaked pages, co-written by Abrams, are full of his typical, kindhearted banter and action sequences, and hew very closely to the promos NBC has already released for the show — except the promos did not reveal that Undercovers will be the fastest show every to appear on broadcast television! Or at least, that J.J. Abrams would like it to be. The script begins with a "Note to the Reader":

The pace of this series is intended to be unusually, almost unspeakably, fast.

Sure, we won't deny the script is long. But that's only if you judge by something as arbitrary as page numbers. So when reading the script, assuming you get past this page, whether it's an action sequence or just two people speaking, imagine scenes MOVING LIGHTNING FAST. Then imagine them just the slightest bit faster. This will hopefully give you a sense of what we're going for.

So, Undercovers: faster than anything ever. Got it.

Esclusiva: il copione della nuova serie di J.J. Abrams
[Il Post via i09]