Kanye Is Maybe Sampling Wicked on His New Album


Specifically, "Popular," an upbeat little number from the Wizard of Oz–related Broadway adaptation you can see Kanye messing around with above. And that's just one of the things to be learned from this new bit of footage of Kanye in the studio working on Good Ass Job. A few others: (a) the guy isn't too into comfort, happily standing over his keyboard rather than plopping down into the big, cushy, ergonomically sound office chair present, (b) he's cool with a bunch of people just standing around watching him do his thing, most notably Amber Rose, who silently hovers behind him the whole time, and (c) he isn't into thematic design either, as, despite the studio famously being in Hawaii, there isn't a single tiki torch or lei present. Now, who's got the footage of Kanye rapping over this Wicked sample? [RapRadar]