Katy Perry Not a Fan of the ‘Alejandro’ Music Video


Pretty soon there won’t be a pop star who hasn't flung a dis of some kind in the direction of Lady Gaga (who, notably, has yet to respond to any of these pop divas). After Gaga’s epic, bleak "Alejandro" video dropped today, filled with the kind of overt religious symbols that seem solely intended to generate controversy (Gaga snacks on some rosary beads, Gaga sports a red crucifix taped on her crotch, etc.), Katy Perry — who got her start in the Christian music world — tweeted, “Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke,” widely considered to be a reference to the video. The criticism is slightly hard to take, though, coming from a woman who relied on faux lesbianism for her biggest hit song and wears a bra that sprays frosting in her upcoming video. [Katy Perry/Twitter]