Last Night on Late Night: Adam Sandler’s Dating Advice for His 4-Year-Old Daughter


Adam Sandler's 4-year-old daughter is apparently a bit mature for her age and is already interested in boys. The Grown Ups star revealed to David Letterman that he is preemptively handling the situation by offering his little player some tactical dating advice that only a father could give. Up next, native Brooklyn boys Chris Rock and Jimmy Kimmel discuss how one smuggles illegal contraband into the city, and over at The Daily Show, Jon Stewart and John Oliver get in a heated World Cup debate over Team America's historic win, with Stewart offering Oliver's English countrymen some help if they run into trouble with the Germans again. Last but not least, Apple fanboy Jimmy Fallon gets served by Heidi Klum when he tries to impress her with the size of the new iPhone 4. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.