Last Night on Late Night: Jon Stewart Compares Obama to Frodo Baggins


Jon Stewart pulled no punches during a critique of President Obama's failure to deliver on promises to reverse course on Bush-era policies regarding habeas corpus, rendition, and other executive power abuses. Stewart blasted Obama for his administration's expansion of secret military programs that go beyond anything the Bushies ever created and then went on to compare the president's possession of executive power to that of Frodo and his precious Ring. Over at The Tonight Show, Emma Roberts' Team-Twilight taste gets called in to question by Robert Pattison and The Colbert Report stands up for teenage hormone junkies who are not fortunate enough to have lesbian parents. Wrapping things up, Ice Cube addresses his perceived anti-establishment persona on The Late Late Show, and worlds collide on Jimmy Kimmel Live when Ozzy Osbourne meets Don Rickles. Somewhere, a Hollywood producer working the phones to recruit the pair for that Odd Couple reboot we've all been waiting for. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.